Emerging Developments in Adaptive Learning, positively impacting education among K-12 Students.

Intelligent Pathway represents a revolutionary approach to providing parents with educational tools to help their children advance. The program is specifically designed to accelerate the learning and educational capabilities of children from ages 4-15 using the concept of personalized learning – a new way of customizing educational content and learning experience for each child.

  • Cognitive and intelligent tutors are meta-cognition technologies that simulate the behavior of a human mentor and provide personalized responses, remediation, and interventions in real time based on the knowledge, behavior, and cognitive abilities of a particular user.
  • The products are based on artificial intelligence and generate a cognitive model of the student based on the interaction with the student. The model is then used to provide individualized instruction to the student.
  • “… the achievement of individually-tutored students may exceed that of classroom students by as much as two standard deviations…this knowledge transfer is roughly equivalent to raising the performance of 50th percentile students to that of 98th percentile students…”

The effectiveness of using emerging developments in adaptive learning programs (i.e. programs that operate interactively with the learner) offer a high degree of interaction and customized content for students, positively impacting educational achievement levels among K-12 students. While many Educational Technology programs have been delivered to push educational materials to students, there is an increasing awareness of the need to create dynamic content that offers two-way interaction. This is achieved by developing a platform in which students’ performances can be recorded on an ongoing basis to optimize/redesign the course maps dynamically.

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